The Green Party is unique amongst major political parties in that we don't take money from big business, unions or rich people. Instead we rely on donations from ordinary people like you. We would be most grateful for any donation you can make however small it might be. Some examples of what we'll spend your money on:

  • Standing a candidate in elections. It costs £500 to stand a candidate in a parliamentary election which we only make back if we get 5% of the vote.
  • Printing of election leaflets.
  • Holding events like our Green Party PARTY and Quiz nights. The aim of these events is to publicize the work that we do and also generate more money to fund the other items on this list.
  • Venue hire for our meetings.
  • Hosting for our website.

How to Donate

You can make a donation to the North Oxfordshire Green Party in a number of ways, whatever is most convenient for you.

Direct Bank Transfer

You can pay money directly into our bank account. The details are:

  • Sort Code: 08-92-99
  • Account Number: 65611227
  • Account Name: Banbury and Cherwell Green Party


If you would like to make a donation by cheque, please make it payable to "Banbury and Cherwell Green Party" and send it to the address below:

Brondesbury House,
1 Back Lane,
MK18 4RL


As well as donations made by the methods above, we will also gladly accept any cash donations given to as at our meetings or events.