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Healthy Environment

The Green Party is committed to protecting our childrens environment by offering workable long-term solutions to climate change.

Ending Inequality and Welcoming Migrants

The Green Party recognises that migrants benefit our society and we should be welcoming them as well as supporting those currently subject to inequality in all its forms.

Protecting Public Services

The Green Party is committed to ensuring that essential public services like the NHS are protected for future generations to use just as we currently do.

Fair Economy

By challenging those with vested interests in running our economy for the few, we can end austerity and close the gap between the rich and the poor.

Free Education

The Green Party believes in putting students first and providing a free education for all. The Green Party believes that education should provide everyone with the knowledge and full range of skills they require to participate fully in society and lead a fulfilled life.

Decent Homes

The Green Party believes everyone should have a decent place to live. This is possible by providing more social housing and capping rents.